Come test your friendships at our Mario Kart 64 Tournament! Entry is FREE!

Beer & retro goodies for tournament winner! Sign-up and casual play starts at 6:30pm, tournament starts at 8:00pm!

Register in-person or online at:

Watch the LIVE stream at:

Bracket & Ruleset:

Tournament Rules:

Double Elimination Bracket Tournament* (16 Player Max)

1 VS 1 – 150cc

All Characters Available. Double-blind character selection available upon request. (Rock/Paper/Scissors will determine character picks in result of two players requesting the same character)

No pausing.

Use of known glitches will result in forfeiture of race. Skillcuts (i.e., Wario Stadium and Rainbow Road jumps) are ALLOWED. If you’re unsure whether something is a glitch or a shortcut ask the tournament coordinator.

Winner’s Bracket Tracks Loser’s Bracket Tracks

1. Banshee Boardwalk 1. Yoshi’s Valley
2. Toad’s Turnpike 2. Wario Stadium
3. Koopa Troopa Beach 3. Bowser’s Castle
4. Mario Raceway** 4. Kalimari Desert
5. Banshee Boardwalk ** 5. Frappe Snowland**
6. Choco Mountain**
7. Sherbet Land**

Final Round
1. Rainbow Road