Throwback with us for our Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament on Super Nintendo at Saloon Door Brewing! Show off your fighting skills on our GIANT projector screen! Entry is FREE!

Beer & retro goodies for our tournament winner! Sign-up and casual play starts at 6:30pm, tournament starts at 8:00pm! SHORYUKEN!

Register in-person or online at:

Watch the LIVE stream:

Bracket & Ruleset:

Tournament rules:

Double Elimination Bracket Tournament (Time Permitting)

1 VS 1

Best of 3 Matches (Each match is 2/3 rounds)

Handicap: Default

Turbo: Max

Timer: ON

Stage: Random (Or mutually agreed on stage)

Double Blind character selection upon request.

No Pausing (Will result in forfeit of the round)

No use of cheats or known glitches.