Family fundraising event.

Bring in any of the items listed on the school supply list starting today( June 20th) through July 20th and receive a door prize ticket for each item.

The items are:

(1) 1 - 1/2 in ch binder;

(2) a set of 4 70ct spiral notebooks different colors;

(3) a set of 4 folders with pockets different colors;

(4) a packet of 10-12 #2 pencils;

(5) a packet of 10-12 blue or black pens;

(6) a box of markers;

(7) a box of map pencils;

(8) a packet of 2-4 glue sticks;

(9) a package of loose leaf notebook paper and

(10) a pencil pouch with binder rings.

ALSO-----SUMMER RAFFLE winners will be announced as well as a 50/50 raffle winner.

We have board games to play while watching the Astos play.

Come out and have some fun and help the students and teachers for 2019/2020