Are you a BJCP Certified Judge?

Have you participated as a judge in other BJCP sanctioned homebrew competitions?

Have you participated as a Steward in one or more BJCP sanctioned competition and think you might like to try your skill judging beer?

Think you may have a knack for critically tasting beer?

If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, the BAM Judging & Stewarding Team would like to speak to you about being a judge at Lunar Rendezbrew.

BAM is expecting a large number of entries at this year’s Lunar Rendezbrew and we will need help to provide an adequate number of judges to complete our first and second rounds of judging in the time available. If you would like to be part of the judging team E-mail the BAM Judging & Stewarding Team to sign-up. Include which Saturday you want to judge, name, phone number and Homebrew Club if applicable.

While there will be many flights of beer to judge, don’t feel that you have to commit yourself for a full day of judging. This is a hobby after all and we all have lives outside of it. BUT, if you can stay and help judge more than one flight of beers, we would appreciate the help. In addition, if you happen to be around at noontime, we always provide an excellent lunch and refreshing beverages for our hard working judges, stewards and staff..

We look forward to your attendance and help!